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Information Technology Architecture

Agile Delivery

Project Management

Nuvation provides a complete end-to-end service to architect and deliver your IT strategic goals.

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Guide your investments and energy to achieve your goals

Are your IT investments producing the returns and improvements you need to stay ahead in a fast changing world? 

The first step in realising your vision must be the creation of a unifying framework and structure that allows for rapid deployment and connection between the systems you depend on.  


Guide your IT investment decisions.

Nuvation Enterprise Architects help you articulate the "big picture" design that maximises the value of your IT investments. 

The first step is to understand your business and the key functions that combine to deliver value to your clients and revenue to your business. 

Secondly, we help you evaluate the technology solutions already in place, how well they support your value-adding processes and whether they will support your future goals and vision.

The end result is a technology road map that will guide your investment decisions, timing and key technology platforms.

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Design a solution to meet a specific business need.

Nuvation solution architecture services identify the technical components needed to address a specific business need, such as increasing sales, improving efficiency or enhancing customer service.

The solution architect also maps out the way that new and existing components will combine to achieve the overall outcome required.

The result is a solution "blueprint" ready for detailed design, product selection and delivery.

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Select the best solution and put it to work for you.


How do you know which IT product is the right fit for your situation? It's never been easier to subscribe to the latest cloud product, but will it deliver the improvements and efficiency boost you need? 

At Nuvation, we combine our insights and experience with your deep business knowledge to quickly identify the solution that is right for you.

You can opt for a full market evaluation or an agile "proof of concept" approach depending on your needs. 

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Agile delivery methods promise rapid delivery and a focus on maximising the value of your IT investment.

Nuvation's certified Scrum Masters will advise, coach or lead highly effective Scrum teams, or utilise the flexibility of the Kanban method where appropriate.

Agile is not just a framework, it's a mindset that puts the customer and end user at the front of every decision and action during product development. 

Contact Nuvation today to see if Agile is a good fit for your next IT product rollout.


There is no substitute for the experience and skills of a great Project Manager to guide your new product implementation.

Nuvation's PMBOK and PRINCE2 certified Project Managers services will guide you through team building, coordination of technical specialists, budgets preparation, scheduling and risk management.

To reap the benefits of your investment,  Nuvation's implementation services include strategies to promote user adoption and support your staff through the change process. 

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